Monday, July 28, 2008


The above statement is one many an artist would prefer never to have referenced to them or their work. That said, common sense dictates that not everyone will immediately know who you are or will have been privy to your works.

In order to minimize the numbers of those without knowledge of your prowess, an effective marketing strategy is one of your most powerful weapons.

You may believe that marketing efforts cannot be successful without a large budget. That at one time may have been the case, but no longer. There is an adage that says ‘work smarter, not harder’. These same words can and should be applied to your marketing strategy.

Over the next few weeks we will have guest hosts who will encourage as well as lend their expertise to assist you in creating or perfecting your marketing plan.

Our Promotion’s Month begins Tuesday, August 5th. Please stop by to support our efforts. Invite your friends and leave questions or comments for our hosts and attendee’s.

Until next time go forth allowing your works be your praise!