Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You Abrah-Cove Publishing

I want to begin this post by saying thank you to three fabulous ladies, Dionne Hill, Donna Patton and Martha Kimbrough. Their vision to be a platform of support for self and independent authors is the brainchild behind Abrah-Cove Publishing.

Last night I had the opportunity to be co-host of their inspiring radio program, Out-The-Box. The subject matter was ‘The Difference Between Self-publishing and Independent Publishing’. There were many great questions from callers. Unfortunately there was not enough time to adequately cover everything. To that end I promised to post a check list on this blog.

Below is a checklist of considerations for those considering independent publishing. The list is brief because the depth of what is needed cannot be confined to a one-time post. I therefore ask that any questions you have be directed to me at:

Those interested in attending the 2009 independent publishing telecourse (info forthcoming) may signup by leaving their name and contact email in the comments box or by email at the address above.


1. Create a business plan
a. Includes a marketing plan
b. Include cost accounting
1) How you will finance enterprise
2) How you can afford to remain in business

2. Consider costs and necessity of obtaining:
Barcode (may be optional depending upon printer)
Graphic Artist or professional photographer for front and back copy
State and federal licenses
Logo for your company
Distributor contract
3. Cost of creating and promoting book
Book set up fees
Cost for proofs
Printing fees
Promotional items
Online Presence
Book Launch Party (optional)

This list of considerations may seem overwhelming. At times it can truly be, but as you take sure steps you will find that the reward is well worth the effort.

Be blessed – Linda!


Shelila E. Lipsey said...

Linda, I enjoyed you serving as co host at Abrah Cove Publishing last night. You were great as usual. Your information was clear, concise and you left listeners with concrete, doable tools and resources to make their dreams come alive. You didn't leave us like independent publishing or self publishing, nor tradtional publishing is impossible. I can't those who were unable to listen in for various reasons that you missed a dynamite show. Kudos to You Dr Beed. I sincerely consider you an expert in this field now. May God continue to allow you to soar (may He include your husband in the soaring part too. (LOL)!
Love you, Shelia

Linda Beed said...
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Linda Beed said...

Thank you for the compliment Shelia. It is my desire to give pertinent information so that those seeking publication can make informed decisions.