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Faith Walker, Gavin Roberts, Chrissy Jackson and Remi Aguilar are all seniors who attend historically Black, Jackson State University , where the four are members of the school's well-known marching band. It's their last year in college and as the fall semester begins, the lives of these four friends take an unexpected turn when two of the friends accidentally sleep together. While temptations of sex and alcohol are as common as textbooks and pencils for these college students, this little sex incident rocks the core of their friendship bond and slowly begins to unravel the once tightly-woven group. Will the friendship between these four outlast the outcome of this one-night stand?

MEANWHILE ON THE CAMPUS YARD -- Faith has once-again renewed her celibate lifestyle. For the last three years she's been going back and forth on her commitment to no sex, all in the name of keeping her man satisfied and happy. Even though she's been down this "commitment to no sex" road before after enduring a life changing incident freshman year, she's not letting anything further compromise her promise to God and to herself. But as the fall semester begins, her renewed celibacy goal gets abruptly interrupted when she experiences an unexpected betrayal that makes her question if she's really doing the right thing by not giving up the goods anymore. To make matters worse, a big family secret is revealed that leaves Faith clinging to the only stable thing in her life. her faith in God.

STEP INTO THE LIVES OF FAITH, Gaven, Chrissy, and Remi to see how temptation, betrayal, faith and forgiveness all play and integral role in the journey to growing closer to God.

Fon James is a new and upcoming author who recently penned her first Christian Fiction novel, Back and Forth a fresh, authentic, young adult novel that taps into the collegiate world (released November 6, 2007 - Tucker House Publishing).

Her short story, A Mother, Her Son, and THE Father is featured in the inspirational anthology, The Triumph of My Soul, which was released in December '07 by Peace In the Storm Publishing.
As a former journalist and freelance writer, Fon's full-name byline has appeared in numerous daily newspapers including:The Houston Chronicle, Contra Costa Times, and The Cleveland Plain-Dealer. She has also written articles for local Houston publications including Westchase Today and the Houston Chronicle’s neighborhood weekly edition, This Week. Additionally, she has worked as writer/editor for Intele-Card News, a national telecom publication and H Texas Magazine (formerly Inside Houston). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Jackson State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix (Houston Campus).
Fon James resides in the Houston , TX area with her husband. She is an active member of both Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and The Fort Bend Church in Sugarland , TX . Her motto and favorite scripture: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

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