Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It is part of human nature for us to seek ultimate happiness and to want more than what our eyes have ever seen. As life is never perfect, people tend to get frustrated about their lives, and in the process they eventually lose their sense of purpose. “Never Say Never” is a compelling new novel about the lives four young women of a colour whose friendship dates back to childhood.

It presents the story of how their lives emerged from early adolescence into adulthood. Through the pages of this work, readers will meet an unforgettable quartet — Amanda, a successful doctor, LaNae an entrepreneur, Monique, a hairstylist, and Celeste, an educator — and through each of their stories, they will witness the obstacles that comes with careers, their own search for meaning and happiness, and ultimately discover their relationships that evolve around family, friendship and love.

Through friendship, these women grow and evolve, both individually and collectively. The message of this book is clear: You might not know yourself as well as you think you do or know what you want out of life and everything that shows up unplanned is not an unfortunate thing.

Julia Thomas discovered her love for the experiences, journeys, and adventures created through the written word at an early age. She began experimenting with this interest by writing poetry, short stories and song lyrics. Thomas’s excitement with the wonderful journeys one could experience through reading; finally led her to write her first novel. When You Say “Never, It Don’t Mean “NEVER.” Sometimes We Do the Very Thing We Said We Would Never Do!
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Julia is the youngest of eight children. She is the mother of two daughters, Dawnte and Traci, and the grandmother of Chloe Jai. When Julia is not sharing her stories with the friends and relatives, she is a realtor in the Victorville and Los Angeles area. In her spare time, she enjoys being involved with church actives, watching movies, hanging out with her sisters and spoiling her granddaughter Chloe. Julia currently resides in Victorville, California.

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