Sunday, August 10, 2008

by Deanne Williams

Hello everyone! It’s Deanne Williams. Most of you have never heard of me before, but keep an open mind because that does not mean that I don’t have first-hand experience on the content of this article.

I am the CEO of KDgospel Media Magazine. Because it is my job to see to it that my clients get the best representation possible for their product I am sharing with you the importance and advantages of advertising In Print!

We have all experienced that inner heart gripping fear; that fear that comes when it is time to let go of that project that has caused endless nights as we labored to bring it to its final stage. What is the final stage? Advertising of course. How else will the masses know that you exist without advertising?

Word-of-mouth is and from the beginning of time has been one of the best forms of advertising. In reality word-of-mouth is a great marketing tool. However, does anyone really know how far that voice really goes? Selling to a friend who could tell another friend who just might or might not mention your product to a social group works at times, but let’s face it, eventually your friendship list comes to an end.

“Now what do you do?” Well of course everyone loves the Internet. The possibility of you being found on the Internet is vast as long as those unsuspecting and potential clients stumble upon or are expressly looking for whatever you have to offer.

I know some of these suggestions may seem silly to some of you, but to others….well you get the point. The question before you is how do you get your name In Print? What are the advantages of advertising in print?

Almost everyone reads…from the man or woman who stops by the news stand to pick up their choice read in order to catch up on what’s new, what’s not, and what’s hot; to the mother in the grocery store who picks the magazine that will take her way, or help her find a product she might need. Magazines sell. They always have and they always will.

Magazine publishers have a friend list like you wouldn’t believe. The goal of the magazine is to get its product into the hands of millions of people on their friends list. The individual who finds your ad in a magazine, most likely is one who is not on your friend list.

You may be concerned about cost. This is not uncommon. The good news is that most magazines have smaller ads that are typically not located on their web-sites which usually are accessed by those same individuals who receive the hard copy of their magazine.

It may be to your advantage to consider a fill-in spot. This is usually located at the bottom of a page meant to fill-in left over space. Most magazines have a product review section where you can send your product (with required payment) to receive a small write up.

Advantages of in-print advertising:
· It is cost effective (depending on the magazine it can range from $200-$400)
· Exposure can and does open doors that self-advertising cannot
· Your advertiser will give your product the best placement
· Helps boost your confidence now and in the future when seeking promotions

Thank you for letting me come to you In Print. I look forward to your questions and thoughts.

God Bless
Deanne Williams
CEO/KDgospelMedia Magazine


Anonymous said...

If you are asking a magazine for ad space, are you given less consideration if you are not one of their subscribers?


Anonymous said...

I pray not. Anyone can purchase a ad. However most individuals place ads in magazines that they know, rely on, and trust in because they read them.

Deanne Williams

Anonymous said...

Is it a good idea to promote your Chrisitian book in a widely read magazine even if Christianity isn't its main focus?

Jackson, Mississipi

Anonymous said...

Sheryl. This is a very good question. I would have to say I would have to say "no," it is not a smart choice to advertise in a non-Christian magazine if Christianty is not their focus.
That is unless your work is a journa, or self-help guide. Usaully those sell to anyone.
You want a magazine that will reach the masses intended for what you have written. This also ensures that your dollar spent on ad's works for you.