Thursday, August 14, 2008

Name Recognition
By Dr. Linda Beed

During my studies of the marketing side of the industry I read an article that spoke to the necessity of authors needing name recognition. I thought that seemed reasonable. What did not seem reasonable was how one could achieve this feat since few television, radio or online journalists showed little interest in those without an established following – name recognition.

With this mindset being the reality for most you will have to work hard. You will work hard because it is your responsibility to get your name known by the literary industry and those who support it. It is a process that requires careful planning and does not suffer from the added influx of favor from positive and healthy associations.

The necessity of the author having name recognition begins long before the book:
*Goes through its final edit
*Has a cover
*Has its official debut

So what can you do to get the ball rolling? More than you think.

It is said that preparedness meeting opportunity equals success. I can attest to the truth in that statement. When the opportunity to take over an established online group presented itself, I stepped up to the plate. With perseverance and much encouragement from close friends and list members I worked hard to reach out to others in need of literary encouragement and knowledge. From that experience I understood and embraced the responsibility of helping others even if I did not benefit from the action. As I reached out to help others and learned in the process, I kept a list of what worked and what did not. Below are suggestions I would like to share with you:

*Most of us have at least one email account. Create a signature block that consists of your name, upcoming and/or current work and hyper-linked addresses of your online residences.
*Be an active member of relevant online groups. If you don’t plan to be a reasonably active member, don’t join.
*Participate in teleconferences and online seminars. Ask questions and follow up with pertinent information given by your host.
*Create a newsletter with newsworthy content. Send to friends and online members. Always give the opt-out option for those who do not wish to be on your list.
*Contribute articles to online magazines.
*Create a blog to support a cause you are passionate about. Invite friends to join you. Invite others to be a guest blogger.
*Join social networks that will help enhance your skill and knowledge base that will not be time wasters.
*Submit articles to magazines.
*Participate in an anthology that is a fit for you.
*Present a topic of discussion to blogtalk radio host for the possibility of being a guest
*Be a volunteer. Gift your services in an area you excel at or wish to excel in.

In closing I wish to impress upon you that you must understand your value. You must believe in yourself and the quality of your project. Whatever you do to promote, do it with integrity and with sincerity. You have the power, skill and creativity to place your name on the tongue of the reading public. You have to be willing to do it.

Dr. Linda Beed is an author, educator, speaker and Children’s minister. She earned her Master of Theology (Magna Cum Laude) and Doctorate of Religious Education from A. L. Hardy Academy of Theology where she is now faculty emeritus. Her zest for supporting the arts has been displayed through not only her own writing, but also as Co-Chair for the Faith Based Arts Conference and as Co-Coordinator for the African American panels and workshops for the 2006 and 2007 Romantic Times Convention. She has taught at the Romance Slam Jam and is co-coordinator for the Christian Author’s Expo and Children’s Literacy Expo in Raleigh, NC (October 2008).

Her debut novel, Business Unusual has been described as “Christian fiction in its purest form.” The novel has been endorsed by literary notables Jacquelin Thomas and Stacy Hawkins Adams as well as Dr. Myles Munroe, President/Founder and Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International. It was also a Good Girls Online Book Club Book of the Month.
To schedule speaking engagements, book signings, online/telephone conference contact Dr. Beed at 206 725-98477 or visit her on the web at:


Anonymous said...

You suggest creating opportunities. How do you know people are willing to come to an event of of an unknown?

Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

You suggest creating opportunities. How do you know people are willing to come to an event of an unknown?

Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

How do you find time to manage the extra things and give quality time to writing?


Anonymous said...

Why would someone participate in an anthology? Isn't it hard to get paid?

Anonymous said...


Whether new or established there is no way to guarantee attendance at any event. You have to be willing to take a step into the unknown. If only one person shows up, you give them 100% of you. I guarantee you that they will tell someone else who will tell another.


Anonymous said...


Determining what to let go of and what to retain on your busy schedule can be a challenge.

I suggest that you keep a 30 day diary. Honesty look at what you do and then what you can minimize or even eliminate to reach your goal.

Once you set a writing schedule, view that time as office hours. Do not answer the phone, entertain guests or tend to the children of others.

These are some suggestions as to what you can do. I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...


Participating in anthologies is a good way to get your name known and your work into the hands of others. Not only will you promote the work, but so will the other contributors.

I do caution that you understand the terms of the contract. If it is not to your liking then you should pass.


MaRita said...

I appreciate your advice! It was useful and very encouraging to me!

Be Blessed,

Linda Beed said...

MaRita I am always happy to give to others what was so freely given to me.