Tuesday, August 19, 2008


By the Grace of God is about a breakup that is more than a breakup. When Gracie Gregory comes home to find her fiancé in the process of packing, actually moving, she loses it. After crying and asking the why questions, she decides to let Dillian walk out of her life. Overtime, to clear her conscious, she dials his number hoping to get a resolution. When she cannot reach him, she dials into his family, only to find that he has abandoned them also. That’s when the worry begins. Then the phone rings and it’s only then, By the Grace of God, that Gracie Gregory can make it through.

My writing started as a young child, at the age of nine when my world became real and the things in it. In high school, others saw my gift and pushed me to the limits. With my teachers help, I was able to obtain a scholarship because of my "hobby". Although, it would take me almost ten years to find my true calling, throughout life as usual, I never let go of my gift of story telling through poetry. With my quest in 2002 to write a book with just the knowledge I held close, I set off to do just that...and I did.

I shortly found that out when my complete manuscript (which wasn't Christian Fiction) was destroyed when a fire destroyed wiring linked to in my apartment. After sulking (boo hooing) for about a week, BY THE GRACE OF GOD was born. My ministry was born.

I count it all joy what GOD has given me and title it as ministry. I'm blessed to be able to sit and write what He has for me to say to his people. I've found that I can reach many people by allowing GOD to move through my writing and I plan to do just that. Although my characters are fictional characters, the roles they partake in are nothing less than real. In my writing I chose real life issues, heartache and questionable living and add GOD to the mix and allow Him to fix what we sometimes think can't be fixed. I chose not to end my novels in sadness but with the realness that with GOD all things are possible! Just look at me, I'm a living testimony!

BY THE GRACE OF GOD was originally self-published in late 2003. Since that time, I've grown and so has my literary world. July 2008 marked the debut of my original title under Urban Christian. His Grace, His Mercy, my newest piece of art, will be released September 2009.

You can visit Keshia on the web at: http://www.keshiadawnwrites.com/

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