Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Marketing a book is tough work—and I’m not an author. But I’ve learned and researched online and offline extensively while working daily with authors. Together we’ve discovered the “Dos and Don’ts” of book promotions up close and personal.

Linda, asked that I write a two part series in the area of marketing your book. Thus, 5 Tips For Marketing Your Book (on a Budget) is for everyone whether you’re a newbie or a veteran author. These tips can be easily executed. Let’s get started

5 Tips For Marketing Your Book (on a Budget)
by Dana Pittman of Nia Promotions
Tip 1: Tell Your Family and Friends

Your family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances should all know that you have authored a book. To accurately create your circle of influence you should create your personal Literary Success Team.
Your Literary Success Team is an ongoing list of people that will help you spread the word about your book. Make a list, preferable in a spreadsheet include names, email addresses, mailing addresses, fax numbers and whether they participate in reading groups and/or book club, etc. Always actively work towards keeping this list active and current.
Tip 2: Add A Signature Block To Your Email.

All outgoing emails should include details about you and your book. Here’s an example:
Dana Pittman Nia Promotionswww.niapromotions.com www.niavirtualbooktours.com …virtually promoting your product…
This signature block includes my name, company name, logo and website addresses. Your signature block should do the same. Here’s another example:
TL JamesAuthor of The MPire: In Search of the Lost (AVAILABLE NOW!) To learn more, visit me online at www.authortljames.com.
This signature includes her name, book title, a link to Amazon and her website address.
If you send several emails per day you will inadvertently sell a book or two while educating your recipients.
Tip 3: Define Your Niche

Marketing on a budget is difficult, especially if you’re haphazardly spending money praying that you reach a potential reader. Take a few minutes (right now) and write the characteristics of your ideal client. Here are some questions you might consider.
Who are your potential readers?
Where can you find them?
What are the most effective ways of reaching them?
This post will not address the research that you should engage in upon answering the above questions. However, this is intended to get you started. Answering these questions will lay the groundwork for your promotional success and your book marketing plan.

Dana Pittman is President of Nia Promotions. Nia Promotions is a marketing company that specializes in online, virtual marketing. Our niche is in the area of author promotions. To learn more visit us online at www.niapromotions.com.


LaShaunda said...

Dana excellent tips. Look forward to part two.

Having a team helps build your readership. Even if you have twenty friends, that's twenty friends spreading the word about your book to their friends.

Nia Virtual Book Tours said...

Thanks. Also, reaching out to family and friends help people become more comfortable with presenting their book concept.

Practice makes perfect.


Linda Beed said...

Dana thank you for these tips. I have a question that is often asked of me. How can you incorporate the graphic of your book cover into your signature line?


Anonymous said...

Dana, thank you for your excellent tips on marketing. While I don't have a book, the promotion of my plays requires the same level of effort and research.

Jeanette Hill

Nia Virtual Book Tours said...


That's a great question. There are several ways to insert sn image into your signature block.

I would recommend searching the Help menu of your email provider. My email account actually gives the option to upload an image.

To begin, "Google" it. For example, I searched "adding images to email." I found this article http://labnol.blogspot.com/2006/08/how-to-add-html-signatures-with-images.html.

This is just an example if your provide does not provide step-by-step instructions. But most will.


Nia Virtual Book Tours said...


Thank you for stopping through and you're absolutely correct.

Promotion is promotion. Where you place your content may differ but the basics techniques and skills are usually the same.

Good luck with your efforts and stop through tomorrow for the over 2 tips.