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Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people?Sydney Ellington, her sister, Sherese Hightower, and their closest friend, Chanel Dubois, each ask this question as they encounter seemingly insurmountable challenges in The Taste of Good Fruit.Sydney has what she’s always dreamed of—a loving husband, a thriving career, and unshakable faith—that is, until she is faced with unimaginable heartbreak. Sydney has always worked hard to live a life that’s pleasing to God, but an unimaginable tragedy causes her to question how a loving God could have a purpose in her life. Sherese prides herself for avoiding hypocrisy at all costs, vowing that her childhood of sacrifice and neglect as a preacher’s daughter wouldn’t be continued through adulthood. Destined to be free of church drama, Sherese distances herself from church and faith, but the revelation of a devastating secret causes her to question all she thinks she knows about herself, faith, and the church.Although Chanel has shaken nearly all of the remnants of her turbulent childhood, she can’t seem to forgive her mother for the past. Her anger and trust issues gradually seep into Chanel’s already troubled marriage making her blind to the blessings around her. Only her faith can keep her from indulging in a tantalizing affair and from destroying the family she’s always prayed for.On a road trip to the south, the three best friends from upstate New York discover that heartache and loss can ultimately lead to The Taste of Good Fruit.

MaRita Teague has a Master’s in English and teaches at Northern Virginia Community College. She has publications in A Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mother, All My Good Habits I Learned From Grandma, and Living the Serenity Prayer.MaRita writes in the Christian fiction genre because she is compelled to draw others to God through realistic and entertaining stories. Most importantly, however, she has said the stories she writes are characters faced with heart-wrenching losses and revelations who ultimately find solutions to their problems with Biblical principals. She has often said writing Christian fiction is her heartfelt passion and ministry.She currently teaches English Composition at Northern Virginia Community College and lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, Zedric, and her three sons. The Taste of Good Fruit is her first novel.

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